German Kit-Homes

Private Clients

The idea of creating your own one-off just for you planned and constructed house is becoming more and more popular in the UK. Coupled with the political wish to provide more land for self-builders, the next years will see many changes in the traditionally developer led housing culture. The German housing market is in this sense completely different, it is “normal” for a Client to acquire his/her piece of building land and then choose their own Architect and construction companies to complete their dream of their own home. Naturally this has been led by differing Planning Laws linked with differing roles of the Architect within the whole construction phase.

Over recent years more and more German construction companies have entered in to the UK’s construction industry. Most of them have a long tradition within the German “kit-home” market and they offer differing “products” which may appear some what confusing at times. This is exactly where we can help you. Having worked within this area together with many of the main players in the market we can offer you:


  • Initial discussions about whether this is the right way for you.
  • Advise on whether a plot would be suitable for what you are trying to achieve.
  • Independent advice of which kit-home company may be right for you.
  • Provide initial sketch proposals which can then be used for further discussions with a kit-home manufacturer.
  • Introduce you to the various kit-home providers and advise you on which one would be correct for your scheme.
  • Act as Agent for you throughout the whole construction process.
  • Provide you with Architectural services such as Planning Applications or Building Regulation Approval.
  • During the construction phase we can work together with you acting within a Controller function.
  • Advise you on the various phases of construction and how this works efficiently using the “German way”.
  • Help organise the required Utility connections at the right time.
  • Organise any required permissions (such as road closures) for your kit-home to be delivered and / or erected on site


German Manufacturers

Over recent years the main part of our work has been working together with German kit-home or timber frame manufacturers. Additionally we have many contacts to German companies who provide individual trades to the UK. Sometime it is necessary to have someone who is able to advise not just the Client but maybe also the kit-home provider of a particular circumstance such as changing rules within the Building Regulations (or the difference between the individual countries within the UK). Language and cultural differences can sometimes also cause problems along the long road to success. We have historically provided the following services:


  • General advise about the UK / Irish construction markets.
  • Translations of varying technical documentation.
  • Regular advise on changing rules and regulations together with suggested solutions.
  • Construction element design (such as wall, floor and roof make-ups).
  • Contract administration.
  • Representation at trade fairs / exhibitions.
  • Providing architectural services which the Manufacturer are contractually required provide.
  • General organisational processes before / during the construction phase.
  • Coordination of heat-loss calculations, energy certificates and CSH assessments.
  • System build approval processes within the Structural Build Warranty process.
  • Organising testing procedures for specific wall, floor or roof construction.
  • Developing individual details for specific Projects.
  • Making sure that Clients are ready for their Kit-home and that the erection process can run as smoothly as possible.
  • Final sign offs or snagging together with all parties involved.
  • Providing a point of contact for German manufacturers not based in the UK.