Project Management

Project management encompasses many different fields of work and can be carried out at different stages of a project. Most of our project management experiences have been to do with either timber frame developments or kit-home manufacturers. This has led us to understand in great detail how the manufacturing process is carried out and understand the individual stages of producing a successful building which eventually will be delivered and erected on site. However on site there are still many parts of the build which need to be organised on time and carried out to time.


Time is money! This has been proven in no better place than on a building site. Project managing correctly can reduce this risk dramatically.In addition to the Architectural Design services that we provide we have a number of areas which are more to with managing a product or project. We offer the following services:


  • Procurement process advice
  • Contract administration
  • System-build certification advice
  • Building Regulation advice
  • Planning law change advice
  • Site management advice
  • Utilities advice / administration