Schwörer Haus KG

Schwörer Haus KG – A partner you can rely on

Opting for the family firm of Schwörer Haus with its traditional southern German rootsSchwörerHaus KG means reaping the benefit of decades of experience. Schwörer Haus have built homes for around 36,000 satisfied clients since 1950. Based in Hohenstein-Oberstetten, the company is spread over 8 locations in Germany and employs a total workforce of 1,800. Their product spectrum ranges from energy saving, healthy living timber frame homes to prefabricated concrete basements, ventilation systems, timber products for the timber trade, concrete ready-to-use components, reinforced concrete ceilings for commercial buildings, solid homes made of Liapor and design-ready swimming pools for hotels and old people’s homes. 26 patents and an array of awards in the field of environmental protection andarchitecture testify to their innovative drive.

The components of your Schwörer home are individually and precisely planned using computer technology, manufactured in the factory with no regard for weather conditions outside, and finally assembled by qualified experts within just a few days on your plot – ready for you to take possession. And it goes without saying that they will continue to offer support over the lifetime of your home with their after-sales and modernization service.