Designing for the Future: Using our vast experience of designing “sustainable” buildings we have come to understand in great detail exactly what is required at all phases of a project. Whether a zero carbon house, a passive house or a code 6 CSH approach to a new home, we are able to use the advantages of working within the German planning and building environments to the full.


In the UK the sustainable approach uses the Code for Sustainable Homes. In this statutory document we are given guidelines towards how a new home should be planned and constructed. We can proudly say that we have already achieved the very highest standard defined in the code (level 6) and that we can use this experience for your project.


Our design and management approach includes:

  • Assessing the building plot with its ecological advantages or disadvantages
  • Analysis of the design brief
  • Concept design studies and the effect on the energy usage
  • Materials to be used for the project
  • Possible heating and ventilation systems
  • Construction methods to be used
  • Sensible procurement routes
  • Management during the building phases
  • How the building is to be used after completion