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Planning and Designing

Our many years of experience allow us to provide the following services:

  • Preparation – Appraisal / Design Brief
  • Identification of Clients needs and objectives together with any possible constraints on development.
  • Preparation of feasibility studies and assessments of options available to enable a Client to decide on whether to proceed.
  • Development of the Design Brief together with the Client.
  • Identification of procurement method to be adopted.
  • Design – Concept / Design Development / Technical Design
  • Implementation of Design Brief and preparation of any further required information.
  • Preparation of outline proposals / concept design including outline proposals for structural and building systems.
  • Review of procurement route.
  • Completion of Project Brief.
  • Application for detailed Planning Permission.
  • Coordinate components and elements of the project as required for statutory standards and construction safety.
  • Pre-Construction – Production Information / Tender Documentation / Tender Action
  • Preparation of production information as required to enable a tender / tenders to be obtained.
  • Application for statutory approvals
  • Identification and evaluation of potential contractors / specialists for the project.
  • Appraising tenders with submission of recommendation to the Client.
  • Construction – Mobilisation / Construction to Practical Completion
  • Letting the building contract, appointing the contractor.
  • Issuing of information to the contractor.
  • Arranging site hand over to the contractor.
  • Administration of the building contraction to Practical Completion.
  • Provision of further information to the contractor as and when required.
  • Use – Post Practical Completion
  • Administration of the building contract after Practical Completion and making final inspections.
  • Assisting building user during initial occupation period.
  • Review of project performance in use.

The sequence or content of the above work stages may vary or overlap to suit the project and the procurement route taken.


Project Management

Traditionally the project manager can be seen as the Clients representative although the responsibilities may vary from project to project. Construction and development project involve the coordinated actions of many different professionals and specialists to achieve defined objectives. The task of project management is to bring the professionals and specialists into the project team at the right time to enable them to make their best possible contribution and to increase efficiency.

The duties of our project management service is dependent on varying factors:

  •  The depth of the Client’s expertise
  • The Client’s requirements
  • The nature of the project
  • The individual stages of a project


We are able to provide the following services:

  • Assist in preparing the project brief
  • Arrange and deliver feasibility studies
  • Develop project strategy
  • Develop consultant’s brief
  • Devise project programme
  • Establish management structure
  • Co-ordinate design processes
  • Appoint Consultants on the Client’s behalf
  • Arrange Insurances and Warranties
  • Select procurement system
  • Arrange tender documentation
  • Evaluate tenders
  • Participate in contractor selection / appointment
  • Monitor progress
  • Arrange meetings
  • Authorise payments
  • Organise communication / reporting
  • Provide project co-ordination
  • Address environmental aspects
  • Co-ordinate statutory authorities
  • Monitor budget and changes
  • Arrange pre-commissioning / commissioning
  • Organise hand over
  • Advice on marketing
  • Organise maintenance manuals
  • Provide translations
  • Act as moderator
  • References

The vast range of projects carried out over the last 25 years together with varying project responsibilities have provided us with a solid basis on which we will continue to build. Here you will find just examples / references to some of the projects that have been successfully carried out.